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Training, consulting, providing professional, systematic solutions for enterprises

Make it easier for companies

One-stop training service, can make an enterprise more worry, save trouble, greatly save time and communication costs

Conducive to the output of service effectiveness

One-stop service, can ensure the unity and integrity of strategy and tactics, more conducive to the output of training results

Improve the conversion effect of learning

One-stop service, the use of scientific management methodology, three-dimensional teaching model, more conducive to the transformation of learning

A highly qualified instructor

Our selection and management of tutors is more rigorous than you might think, with equal emphasis on theory and practice before teaching

What can we do for you?

We provide: professional enterprise management training consulting services, including open courses, internal training, customized industry theme training, university and enterprise visits, overseas study Tours...

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RNU—Training, consulting, providing professional, systematic solutions for enterprises

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The rnu strategy for the top 500 enterprises in the world

We mainly take the project cooperation system as the service mode, in a specific period, our team will go deep into a certain enterprise